audio and video production

Whether in our studio or on location, we can do anything with any or all of our gear and expertise. Whatever, wherever, whenever. You can rest assured you will receive the highest fidelity AV we can possibly provide.


on-location production & live streaming

The content we produce is the result of our skill, equipment combined with our commitment to AV fidelity, clear communication, and reliability. Whether it is a keynote with one mike/camera or an all-out production with 16 channels of audio, 4 cameras and multiple sources of video playback, everyone gets the same level of planning, design and execution. The big and small of it, is that we are able to cut down on production and post production because, well, we are just really clever. Our myriad AV systems are designed to allow the efficient convergence of fidelity while vastly cutting down on the lengthy and costly process of post production. In certain cases – depending on the project – post production might not even happen and we will immediately upload your video file after we film it.


consulting and design 

The technological growth in the video Switching and Streaming industry is the new Wild West of technology. Audio and Video technology is basically about as good as it could possibly be. Alex is a staunch believer in the fact that Audio and Video fidelity has not only surpassed that of analog, but that with the increasingly ubiquitous nature of broadband internet, it was inevitable that all of these technologies would merge and form the basis of this new wave of technological innovation. The age of low quality audio/video streaming and conference calls is over. Alternative AV will consult and design a reliable, user friendly (set it and forget it) system for whatever your company wants to do.


Don’t hesitate to reach out. I am happy to discuss your project and how I would be able to best meet your needs.