What Inspired Me 

Red Hot Chili Peppers. Stone Temple Pilots. Soundgarden. Alice In Chains. Smashing Pumpkins. Dave Matthews Band. Jamiroquai. Aerosmith. Nirvana.  Live. No Doubt. REM. Dre. Snoop. 2Pak. Notorious B.I.G. MTV News briefs at 10 to the hour, every hour [right here on MTV]. MTV Sports that absolutely and categorically gave birth to the X-Games which absolutely and categorically gave credence to X-Sports as “Real” sports that would become “Olympic” sports. It’s all pretty wild how it happened… and that it all pretty much happened in 5 years. 5 years of American Cultural output shaped not just our country, but influenced and guided the global culture and industry.

Watching it all in my formative years (when I was literally 6 years old in ’90… and whether or not my parents knew… or whether or not they knew and allowed/disregarded it is something entirely different). The music I gravitated toward and wanted to create (before I even knew what production, engineering and mixing was) was made by [amongst many others] Brendan O’Brien, Nick DiDia, Rick Rubin, Scott Litt, Andy Wallace and Steve Lillywhite. It was an epic and momentous period in American and Global creative expression and was made by bands of friends and musicians, not teams of songwriters. Amongst myriad other reasons, you need look no further than that very element being missing from our modern music “industry” (if there is such a thing). It was fueled by a combination of synchronistic meetings of supremely talented people who worked hard and gave their lives to music, often receiving what I refer to as “direct streams of songs” from what I refer to as “the consciousness of music” — and it was fueled by a massive, unfathomably large global industry of dozens of MultiNational Corporations that funded musicians and bands and developed them throughout their careers.

In 2008 after getting a cheap digital camera that could shoot video, I ventured into the world of filming and video. My interest, passion and skill in everything AV have been steadily building and coalescing since.

As a music fan, guitarist, engineer and producer – I am heavily influenced by 90s alternative rock, 70s funk, and experimental, instrumental and pop from the 60s to today. I love Soundgarden every bit as much as Medeski Martin and Wood. As a videographer and producer – I am as fascinated with the myriad docuseries found on netflix, Live at Abbey Road Studios and Iconoclast that was broadcast on Sundance 15 years ago. I love and am inspired by truly talented musicians who form great bands and write legendary, meaningful music that is then produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered to become the soundtracks to our lives, imprinting not just our projected and experienced meaning onto them, but having the sound and songs become a part of our individual and collective lives. 

A massive aspect of my love of 90s rocks is not just the consummately written and performed songs, but the fact that the music was engineered and mixed in a way that it embodies and conveys such a visceral and *real* sound. Though often heavily (and laboriously) produced, edited and mixed – it doesn’t sound overly produced. It sounds real. Like humans played it, together in a room… and it sounds that way because it IS real… because humans DID play it together, in a room. Through my web-series The Alternative Sound, I seek to both demystify the sound (which, at it’s core, is a result of musicians, engineers and recording equipment), whilst simultaneously marveling at and dissecting the sheer and vast complexity of the production/mixing… and how such complexity and skill was sonically conveyed in a very easily digestible/listenable way that it became the most financially successful investment of major recording labels, resulting in an incredulously massive sociopolitical worldwide impact that helped elect a US president and change the world. All of that from humans playing and recording music in a time when music was being funded by multinational corporations at a level that had never existed prior and has never existed since. Incredible.

The past 20 years culminated in the past year with the founding of Alternative AV – the combination of everything I enjoy about AV production, all of my knowledge and experience and the mindblowingly infinite potential of merging high fidelity digital Audio and Video, live video switching, lossless 4k video recording, centralized AV Synchronization via LTC and Genlock and live streaming. Due to this unique combination of skills and my deep understanding of multiple proprietary technologies, I am paving a new path that isn’t just a temporary reaction to the pandemic, but a permanent new form of AV production that we have collectively seen and experienced the tip of the iceberg.

Through AV production with synchronized audio and video (whether using multiple systems with LTC and Genlock or embedding Audio into Genlocked Video), Streaming, AV System Design and Consultation — I am excited to be at the forefront of our rapidly evolving AV industry.